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Finally back from the dead.

2011-02-26 15:41:42 by AioriaRox

Yeah! I've finally decided to start coming to NG on a regular basis. :)
I'm planning to be more active and nicer towards other users, mostly because I like the general community! I'll get a lot more medals too, but I won't strive for every single one because that's boring, I'll just get whatever I want. :P

Medals and Posts

2009-10-16 23:39:52 by AioriaRox

So yeah, I'm planning to be more active both on the Forums and on the medal system. Until Sunday I plan to have more than 4000 medal points and ~150 posts.


2009-07-12 18:16:35 by AioriaRox

Oh. My. Fucking. God. His musics are just UNBELIVABLE!!!1!11!1!111!one1oneone!1e leven1

Ultima Eternus Part I, II, III, IVA and IVB are simply amazing, especially those drums in Ultima Eternus - Part I (4:08-4:41).

Another awesome part is in Ultima Eternus - Part II (0:00-8-08) [Yeah, the whole song is amazing.]

Ultima Eternus - Part III, oh yes, the amout of awesomness in this one is tremendous. 5:40-6:00 is strange. A lot. o.o 7:05-7:58 is pretty awesome too, I love techno.

Ultima Eternus - Part IV - A, I left that one playing for almost one hour, I love heavy metal. Also, happy birthday Jennifer! :P

Ultima Eternus - Pari IV B, as of now, the last installment in the series, I hope there is a V part.

In this review I just covered the Ultima Eternus series, but he has many amazing Audio entries,
check it out!


2009-06-23 00:29:17 by AioriaRox

I just turned into a Police Sergeant!!! Finally I passed 1,000 B/P! :D I also passed 3k points with medals a while ago, and reached Level 10. Yay. :)
It's the last week of school now, so I'm planning to get many medals during this month of vacations, it will be really fun! :D
Now I just need more 499 B/P points to reach the next Level, oh well. NgLogs makes it really exciting, I don't even know the image of it, I guess I'll have to discover it by getting more Blam and Saves! Did I mention that Blam points are really hard to be achieved? Most of the crappy games will get overrated (and be protected) by Protection Point whores, it's annoying. Most of the blammed submissions are Tests and stolen stuff, so most times is hard to predict if the submission is going to be blammed or saved.
I don't even know why I'm writing this, nobody reads it, and even the people who do, don't care about it! Lol, this is pretty useless when you're not popular here, :(.
Uh, I guess that's it. My next update will come out whenever I mak an important thing like a new game or a new B/P rank!
Thanks for reading,

Oh shit!

2009-05-26 00:57:24 by AioriaRox

Damn! I just turned into a Police Officer, that might sound good but now I have to get 499 Blam/Save points to level up! FFFFUUUU-
Atleast I'm almost Level 9, :).
I'm also using NgLogs a lot, everyday I'm getting stats, it's just awesome. This weekend I'll spend lots of time getting medals, my goal is to reach 3,500 or 4,000 medal points this week. :D
Oh yes, I invited my friend to join here, visit him here!

Did I mention that my game "The Nokkians" recently got an award!? Yes! The 3rd best game of the day, I'm so proud of myself, but Awoke also helped A LOT.
Well, thanks for reading this, bye! :)

Got addicted to NG

2009-05-09 18:35:52 by AioriaRox

Yeah, I'm now addicted to NG! I'm starting to get lots of medals, which most are pretty fun to get. I'm also watching many videos and playing many games without medals just for the fun, but there are so many awesome entries daily that I can't play/watch them all!
Anyways, do you have twitter? Follow me!:
Do you have AIM? Here's my screen name!:
What about Msn? Do you have it?:
Also, here's another awesome site, register and have fun!: riaRox